SMEA is helping Australian businesses promote and grow their business

The Small and Medium Enterprise Association of Australia (SMEA) is a not-for-profit that supports small and medium business - Australia's biggest business collective, employing the country's largest workforce. We help small and medium businesses grow sales, save costs and network with other members. Premium Members of the SMEA are able to access a range of grants for a variety of business products and services. Typically grants are offered on a matching basis with approved suppliers agreeing to offer a selected number of products and services under the program.


Brand Strategy
& Customer Experience

A brand discovery workshop is conducted to fully understand your business, surface your true purpose, define your unique proposition and determine your competitive positioning - this process allows us to provide strategic recommendations to effectively and authentically represent your brand in the marketplace.

There are 20 SMEA Grant01s currently available.


Business Financial
Review & Valuation

The Business Financial Review and Valuation report provides a detailed analysis of the financial health of your business. It has been designed with external parties in mind. If you need to prepare documents to raise capital or to satisfy existing shareholders and/or debt providers this report is comprehensive.

There are 50 SMEA Grant 02s available.


Digital Strategy
& Audit

This audit process allows us to take a deep dive into your existing digital infrastructure and analyse your digital marketplace. We review your online presence and activity across key channels including your website, social media and search - identifying key opportunities and areas for improvement. This process includes a data analytics review of user engagement and provides tangible recommendations to improve your digital marketing activity.

A range of options are available depending on the size and stage of your business.

Multiple packages available with 50% matching SME Grant.


Start-up Employee Ownership Plan

Ensuring you have key employees incentive is crucial. It demonstrates to potential investors and buyers that you have committed staff who are more likely to help drive the business forward. Whilst containing costs in crucial in the early business phases getting this right is equally critical.

There are currently 25 SMEA Grant 04s available


Employee Share Ownership Plan

Whilst proven to drive employee engagement and business profitability the cost to implement is often beyond the reach of small and medium business owners. Market research shows that the initial investment in these plans can exceed $50,000. The plan has been specifically designed for family run and privately owned businesses.

There are currently 50 SMEA Grant 05s available


Video Production

The goal is to build your audience and increase your business opportunities. We do this by providing creative strategies and executions that cut through the torrent of content we see in our daily life. We live in a time where your brand must have an engaging story. That story is told through a complex ecosystem of communication touch points in a number of different ways. We craft your brand story with care and creativity in every aspect so that you have true brand and message consistency.

It's is all about synchronicity - creating meaningful content that's perfectly in step with the brand to gain a greater share of the market. Work with an agency/production company with a holistic approach when it comes to building brands and communicating messages.

Multiple packages available with 50% matching SME Grant.


Business School Experience

Delivered face to face, this 10 module, high energy program, culminating in a clear business plan. Up to 20 people per group. If you have a business partner, they can attend with you at no extra cost. There is a program offered in every capital city in Australia.

There are 20 SMEA Grant 07s available in each state.


Strategic Business Planning

Develop a clear pathway to achieving your business success. Most business owners know what they want to achieve. Where they fall down in achieving the goals, is what needs to be done to achieve them.

There 15 SMEA Grant 08s available in each state.