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Strategic Business Planning

Develop a clear pathway to achieving your business success.

Most business owners know what they want to achieve. Where they fall down in achieving the goals, is what needs to be done to achieve them. Strategic Business Planning is more than developing a financial budget.

This workshop, over two days, will help you develop a clear action plan that will drive your business to achieve its financial goals. Run in a group setting with other business owners, you will develop a clear understanding of the following:

  • Clarity on direction and goals, so you can focus.
  • Knowledge of how build a strong pipeline of quality new business, so the sales opportunities skyrocket
  • The required financial intelligence, so you understand your numbers better.
  • Understand how to manage and organise your growing team, and getting them to perform
  • A clear plan of action, so you know what to do that drives results.

Delivered face to face, this two-day workshop retails at $3,000 plus GST. Up to 15 people per group. If you have a business partner, they can attend at no cost. This workshop is available in every capital city of Australia.

The SMEA Grant is $1,500 and 15 are available in each state.

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