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Employee Share Ownership Plan

An Employee Share Ownership Plan is a mechanism to allow employees to own a share of the company they work for with the express intention that they will think and act like business owners.

The primary objective of an ESOP is to create a structure with which employees’ lifestyle and financial goals are aligned with business objectives. This results in a cohesive and committed team that is single-minded about working toward and sharing the benefits of a successful and profitable business.

Advantages for you as a business owner:

  • You can attract and retain high-calibre staff by offering them a direct stake in the business
  • When you want to move on from your business, an ESOP can be an effective and efficient way to transfer ownership


You can save tax by making payments to the ESOP that are deductible Benefits for your employees include

  • Providing a savings vehicle where they can accumulate wealth, acquire and hold shares
  • Creating a sense of community as employees feel more committed to ensuring the business thrives.
  • Tax savings by purchasing shares from pre-tax dollars


Architects, law firms, mining companies and any business with employees can implement an ESOP and there are various models to match your needs and engage your employees.

The SMEA Grant is $12,500 and 50 are available.

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